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Back to Basics: Updated Skincare Routine

I last posted my skincare routine over a year ago and whilst going through my previous posts last night i realised my regimen has changed, not so much in the process but the products i now use. I'm sure y'all already know i am such a minimalist and so i do not like complicating my life but would rather sick to the very 'basics' even when it comes to skin care.

-Taking Stock-

Oh hello there, welcome to another edition of 'Taking Stock'. Sorry its a few days late, I am currently in Maldives on vacation. Hahahaha yes, one destination on the bucket list ticked off and one goal for 2017 achieved. April has been a tough month, i lost my grandmother (sobs) and have been trying to deal with it. Hoping May will be a better month.

This is a Collab with Emily from The Unfazed Millennial. She is a fitness, fashion, DIY and lifestyle blogger. If you’re looking for some fitness inspo, she’s your girl! Oh and did I mention she is a model too? Yea superwoman vibes right there. I love seeing what other women keep in their bags and being the girly girl that I am I really enjoyed working on this. We are sharing our Top 5 must-have beauty items.