About Me

Hi, I'm Nicole N, a Kuala Lumpur based blogger.

I am passionate about natural hair and incorporating natural ingredients into my skincare and lifestyle. For years i was never concerned about the ingredients i put on my hair or body.

After my 'Big Chop' in November 2014 and wearing my hair natural, something within me was awakened and i began paying attention to labels on products i purchase.

I have been doing research on different products and have come to the realisation that natural ingredients are the solution to all my health and beauty needs.

Journey with me as i share my discoveries and tips and together lets live a more natural lifestyle.

Thank you for stopping by, i hope you stick around!


  1. Oh I have been to KL once, lovely place... nice and humid like an everyday sauna

    1. Yea humidity can drive you nuts sometimes tho hence people stay indoors during e day & go out in the evenings. You should plan another visit☺ would love to host u.

  2. Chilekwa Munkonge16 June 2017 at 08:26

    hello my name is chilekwa i just moved to malaysia from zambia for my studies and before i arrived i had cut my har really short. what products would you suggest i try and where do i find them. thank you