Taking Stock '1'

One of my favorite bloggers QueennGrace inspired me to start uploading 'taking stock' posts, i've aways thought they are interesting and thought about the items in my head. So for this month, i thought why not write it out and share with y'all.

Making: Time for my face. I've been working a lot and really tired lately and it's apparently reflecting on my face so making an effort to pamper and bring my skin to it's former glory. Haha

Drinking: 100% cold pressed cranberry juice. People around me can't stand the taste but i looove it. Who cares if it tastes like crap, as long as i reap the benefits.

Reading: Articles on Black Seed Oil. All i seem to find now are weight loss benefits... Errrmn i'm don't really have weight to lose except for belly fat, can i find more useful articles please!

Wanting: A really good massage, preferably Thai. July was hectic.

Looking: At my phone constantly and waiting for a messages from a special someone. Hahaha yes i'm a sucker for romance.

Playing: Jesus Culture - Rooftops. I can relate with the lyrics.

Wasting: No time watching TV shows and spending more time working towards my life goals.

Wishing: My stomach can be flat again without me having to put so much effort. Eeerk

Enjoying: My new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Excited to take better quality pictures.

Liking: My new hairstyle. Got braids after years and it actually didn't take as long as i thought. Smiles.

Wondering: What you guys will think of this post. Hahah do let me know in the comments.

Hoping: To receive an important call with good news in the next 2/3 weeks.

Needing: A break from work. 1 week will do. I think it would be good to travel and return refreshed.

Smelling: Recovering from a flu so my sense of smell is a little off.

Knowing: That all things shall work together for good. I serve a Mighty God ya!

Giggling: At a sweet message i received from a Mr Someone. Shhh!

Cooking: So i haven't cooked this week. Travelled and just got back home.

Wearing: Dresses a lot lately. My grandmother would be proud.

Following: Sophie Shohet. I admire how she carries herself with elegance and grace.

Noticing: That i'm eating too much lately. Mmmmh need to put some controls.

Feeling: Grateful for you. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

Love X Blessings,
Nyasha Nicole.


  1. Ehm,the first stock came packed with curiosity traps!Mr.SomeonešŸ˜»,following.

    1. Hehehehe identity to be revealed soon..stay tuned :)