Choose Yourself More Often

 I got into a heated discussion (lets call it an argument) about 2 weeks ago with one of my work colleagues who chooses to remain in an abusive relationship in which her boyfriend beats her up every other day but she still believes he loves her *rolls eyes* Ever since then the issue of self-love has been on my mind and then i also came across a video by Heather Lindsey in which she spoke about self-love and so I'm sharing this to encourage anyone else out there who might be feeling guilty for prioritising themselves or thinks there is something wrong with that.

Some people don't really know that they don't love theirselves *rolls eyes again* and why do i say so? Because of the way they live their lives. There are some physical manifestations that other people can see when we don't love and care for ourselves. A few common examples are:

1) Eating Disorders
Someone who is overweight or underweight from not eating well clearly does not care about their body. As someone who loves myself i am certainly concerned about what i consume because i don't want my body to fail me tomorrow. 

2) Grudges or Unforgiveness
It doesn't matter what someone has done to you, it's not worth the depression, possible heart disease etc because you are holding a grudge against someone (who in most cases is going on with their life). If you really love yourself you'll let it go. It's even biblical, Jesus instructed the disciples to shake off the dust from their feet and leave if they are not accepted into the cities went to. 

3) Engaging in Sinful Acts
When we do things that we clearly know we should not be doing, for example, fornication then we clearly don't love ourselves enough. Scripture is clear that the wages if sin is death, so if we claim to love ourselves and continue engaging in sin, we are deceiving ourselves.

I encourage you to take a couple of hours this week to really think about whether you truly love yourself and if not what you can do to change that. After all, how can we carry out our mandate as children of God to love others if we don't love ourselves? 

Thank you for reading!
Love X Blessings,
Nyasha Nicole.


  1. I really don't understand why people stay in abusive relationships. I know a girl who had two of her ribs broken after the boyfriend beat her but to my surprise, she is still with him. Self-love is something people need a reminder about, ironically.

    1. I know right!!!! It really sad, all we can do is advise them as sisters then pray for them.

  2. i loved the forgiveness part it knocked some sense in me,interesting indeed

    1. I'm glad it did love. We jus need to let it go and move on :)