Lessons from 2015

2015 has been a good year. I have grown so much in all the areas of my life and am now clear about the kind of woman i want to be and the mark i want to live on those around me. God revealed Himself in my life and met all my needs. I achieved most of the major goals i had set out to achieve last year this time.

Among other things learnt, i thought i would share the Biggest Lessons i got from 2015:

God in the drivers seat
This is a quote my friend The Stella Project started using frequently late last year and caught onto me because she would use it literally all the time in our conversations and chats, and after going through so much she would have so much peace (thank God for such friends!).
I cannot stress enough the importance of placing God first in everything we do. Things happened to me this year that did not make sense at that time but now when i look at it those events prepared me for where i am now. Gods ways are higher than our ways and 2015 has taught me that God knows the future plans He has for us and in ALL situations we should trust Him and believe that things will work together for good. I have truly learnt to fix my eyes on Jesus rather than magnifying the problem or disheartening situation i am in.

Be your own cheerleader
I'd like to believe i'm a very selfless person who likes to pour out and be supportive of others, which is a good thing. But this year i have learnt to focus on 'Me' too. It's so important to spend time developing yourself and working on what you love as well rather than everyone else's happiness because it refreshes you and honestly if you are not working on cheering yourself on, how will you have time to support the next person. You can't pour out of an empty cup! You matter so start working on you.

Celebrate life. Happiness is a priority
Yes we all have goals we want to achieve however in between now and those goals is life and it has to be lived now. I have learnt not to get caught up in waiting for the right moment, or saying i will do C once A and B are done. I am taking each day that the Lord has made as it comes and rejoicing in it. One of the things i have set for in 2016 in alignment to this is to do 1 thing every week to celebrate life, it could be taking myself for a movie, dressing up and going for dinner, buying myself something etc. Stop waiting for tomorrow and be happy today.

Believe it or not every single person is fighting some battle you know nothing about. Whatever situation you might be facing, someone is going through something worse.This year God reminded me of His goodness towards me and through many impossible situations He brought me out of. I have learn't that when i focus on how blessed and privileged i have been in life, the opportunities and experiences i have had, i truly have no reason to be sad but rejoice. And when we rejoice we are happier have a better life.

Whatever you have gone through in 2015, i want you to know that Gods ways are higher than our ways. In 2016 get our of your comfort zone and remember, stepping forward and making a mistake is better than not having tried and living with the uncertainty of what could have been. Keep pushing, remain faithful ,chase your dreams and celebrate life. I wish you a blessed new year.

Thank You for reading!
Love nyashanicole


  1. Yessss. God in drivers seat. Great lessons we all can learn from them. Great post.

  2. Yessss. God in drivers seat. Great lessons we all can learn from them. Great post.

  3. Glad to see your blog. Happy New Year and Happy Blogging

    1. Thank you Zeeshan :)
      Hope you learn't a thing or two from my lessons. Have a blessed 2016!

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