2016 Hair Goals

I've been thinking about what i want to achieve in 2016, particularly regarding my hair. This past year of having natural hair has taught me that every single month counts and i really can't afford to slack in my regimen. When i think about it, i could have retained more length in 2015 if i had specific goals set out and had been more consistent. 

Over the next couple of weeks i would like to:
Grow my edges. (I've always had thinning edges & feel its now time to address them)
Be grazing APL (armpit length) by my birthday month. June baby :) 
Achieve full APL and be grazing BSL by Christmas 2016.
Overall health and thickness

If you're wondering why i'm only aiming for this, i believe goals should be realistic and attainable. If i achieve more then Praise God! 

How am i going to achieve this? 
I'm currently on a 6 months protective style challenge starting Dec '15.
 (I might do a post on this later)
Castor Oil scalp massages every 2-3 days.
Deep Conditioning with every wash.
Daily Vitamins.

I have been wanting to try out water only washing and clay cleansing, so i will definitely incorporate that into my 2016 hair regimen.

Above all else, i'm going to pray. YES i'm going to pray for my hair to grow long and healthy. Think about this for a sec.. we can pray for family, career etc so why can't we pray for our hair growth too? Right!

I'm really interested to know if you have any hair goals for the coming year and an execution plan. Lets discuss below.

Thank you for reading!

Love NyashaNicole.


  1. Which vitamins do you take, is it the hairfinity? I haven't thought of praying for my mane hehe it's high time i start!

    1. Hey Grace. I take Women's Ultra Mega Daily Multivitamin from GNC. I tried Biotin a few months ago but i didn't see any significant difference, haven't tried any hair vitamin since then (to be honest i'm a bit skeptical about them)

  2. I would definetly be joining you! I have the same goals especially the edges part

    1. Please do dear. Wearing wigs directly on my hairline really impacted me & only now im realising 😢

    2. Please do dear. Wearing wigs directly on my hairline really impacted me & only now im realising 😢