- Taking Stock -

It's the 2nd quarter of 2017 already and before we know it we will be celebrating another Christmas, another new year. I hope we are all on track with our 2017 plans and not procrastinating. Its the starting of a new month and so time to take some stock.

Making:  serious lifestyle changes. Have gained weight and my stomach is out of control.

Drinking:  lots and lots of infused water. Need a flat tummy by the end of this month.. vacation loading...

Reading:  finally got my hands on Toke Makinwa's book, On Becoming :)

Wanting: the Good Girl perfume by Carolina Herrera. (yes i shall keep wanting it until i get it)

Looking:  forward to my vacation end of this month into early May. EXCITED 

Playing: Nothing really. Haven't really been a music person lately.

Wishing: i could jus wear a waist trainer for one day and all my belly fat disappears really.


Enjoying: every moment (well trying to). I have realised i am responsible for my own happiness and gotta make the most of every situation.

Liking: my new YSL Black Opium fragrance & Zara handbag. 

Wondering: what life is like as a millionaire y'all. Aaaah lately i'm so inspired to work smart & make it in this life.

Hoping: i can stay consistent with my meal & work out plans. I need to look sexy in my bikinis when i go away on vacation y'all. Hahahah

Needing: new shoes. I realised recently that i only have a few pairs that a abuse and no longer in love with the rest. So i'm gonna save up to buy 1 or 2 pairs a month for the next 2 or 3 months and i'll be good. Again i'm not a hoarder, i only buy items i will use, so i'll be careful there.

Smelling:  my new YSL Black Opium fragrance. It's like a mixture of coffee, vanilla, really musky & smells bomb!  I know i've been wanting the Carolina Herrera but when the boyfriend got me this one i couldn't say no right? Hahaha i will keep waiting for it, meanwhile let me enjoy this.

Knowing: that all things will work out for good-- MANTRA

Giggling: whilst chatting with the boyfriend. If you are a regular on my blog, you'll know i'm such a sucker for love. LOL

Cooking: protein based meals. Building that body y'all.

Wearing:  cute outfits lately, the fashionista in me has been rising up. I'm considering transitioning into being a fashion blogger. Mmmmh. Any thoughts? Drop them below. Hahah

Following: Toke Makinwa more 'religiously'. There is something about her that inspires and encourages me to keep going and not give up on my dreams.

Noticing: well realising, that my dreams won't work unless i do. Got that? You gotta put in the work.

Feeling: really positive lately. I can conquer the world. Hahaha. Girl gotta be her own motivation sometimes.

Thank you for reading. Wish you a happy April & Blessed Easter.

Love X Blessings,
Nyasha Nicole.


  1. I love this post, made me think about the importance of appreciating every moment and remembering your blessings. Plus i love that bag. xx

    Tanaka x

    1. Thanks Tanaka :) Yea we gotta appreciate every moment hun. Have a lovely weekend. X

  2. Great post babe...I love it...Xx, Neha


  3. I really like you :)
    Happy weekend!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)


  4. Sometimes we really need to take time a re asses what it is we want but also be grateful for what we have. This post reminded me of that :)

    1. Yes that is right Lorena. Bless you for stopping by. X

  5. Yayy for vacations!! Really need to take some days off. Where are you heading to? xx


  6. I love these posts where you just tell us what's going on :) I love the green bag by the way!

    1. Thanks Marta 🙂 they help me get in check with myself.

  7. Love!


  8. Great post. I would love to see more fashion posts :D

    Gemma x

    1. Thanks Gemma😄 ok will take that into consideration ☺☺

  9. This is a cool post. I like that you've given your thoughts on things like this, it's inspiring! I feel you on the stomach, mines always so bloated and huge!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thanks Lorna ☺ Girl... we gotta put some work into the stomachs

  10. I have been wanting to get my hands on Toke's book, is it good? Have you watched the series Rumor has on Ndani TV on Youtube? Apparently it is loosely based on her story, if the book will be anything like that I am filled with envy ;-) Awesome post.

    1. Hey Jane. The book is good. If you like, provide me your email & i can send you an e-version :) I haven't heard of the series, thanks for telling me about it. Hehehe something new to watch!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. That would be super cool!! My email address is thegudtrybe@gmail.com. Thank you, thank you, thank you.