Going Forward

So i haven't posted in the longest time! Past few weeks have been the busiest i have been in a long time. I had to make some last minute changes to my final project and that required me to literally put a hold on everything else and focus on school if i was to submit my project on time. 

Now that school is done, **Literally screams Thank You Jesus!** i can get back to my normal schedule.

This blog is my baby and i only realised in the past few weeks how much i love it because of how sad i was that i could not be here as much as i wanted to.   

In other news, we are halfway through the year i hope you are all reflecting on your goals and making necessary changes to ensure you achieve what you planned for 2016. If you haven't , its not too late, do something today.

Love X Blessings
Nyasha Nicole. 


  1. Aiwa next time give us a heads up ka lol, you can't just go mia like that! Welcome back 😘

    1. Hehehehe hopefully it won't happen again. Thank You its good to be back :)