Quick & Easy DIY Deodorant

I first came across 'homemade deodorant' on YouTube and i pretty much laughed, thinking to myself this lady is crazy and has completely lost it. Then i made my very first deodorant and thought hahahahah i'm the crazy one now. If you have been following the blog for a while, you will know that i am all for natural ingredients and experimenting with
my own concoctions rather than risking continued use of harsh intoxicating products.

When it comes to deodorants, most of them contain harsh ingredients but of course the labels will never tell you the side effects.
Parabens-synthetic preservative found in many cosmetic products which disrupts hormonal balance and is linked to defective births and intoxicating organs.
Aluminium- base ingredient in most cosmetic products and is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimers disease.

What about antiperspirant deodorants?
Some people might argue and think, if its an antiperspirant deodorant then it is safer. First of all, we need to perspire! That is one of the ways our bodies naturally detox. Antiperspirant deodorants clog pores to prevent the sweat from leaving our bodies. 

Think about that for a minute.

Deodorant is something we use every single blessed day so when we are not careful or intentional about the ingredients in our deodorants this could have serious adverse health effects on us when we are older. Scientific research has also highlighted that most breast cancers develop in the upper-outer quadrant of the breast, this area is closest to the lymph nodes exposed to deodorants.
My Recipe
(The quantity I use in the mixture depends on how much deodorant I'm making)
Corn Starch/ Arrow Root Powder
Coconut Oil
Peppermint Oil
Baking Soda (I add just a little & sometimes non at all)
Mix the corn starch and baking soda in a bowl and mix, then add coconut oil and peppermint oil ad mix until you have a creamy paste.
I've tried using deodorant containers (which can be ordered online) but my preference is scooping it out of a jar and applying it with my hands like body cream.
Hot weather, humidity, working out–are no match for this deodorant! By the end of the day, your armpits still don't stink. It's natural and it works! Try it.
Ladies, lets start taking care of our bodies now so that our bodies can take care of use in the future.

Thank you for reading!
Love x Blessings,
Nyasha Nicole.


  1. Hmm dunno if I'll ever have the patience to make mine. Well done

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    1. Hey Grace, thank you.. that was me exactly a year ago but life just changes☺