Recouping after a stressful day

The past week has been a busy and hectic one. I am working on the final project for my Masters course and it has been such a challenge to juggle that with work and life generally. I'm thankful to God that through it all He was my strength when i was weak and i'm still standing. As a result i was inspired to write a post sharing some of the
things i do to relax after a stressful day.

Create a clean & comfy space that you love
There is nothing worse than returning home after a hectic day to a dirty and cluttered house. When i'm at home i spend most of the time in my room and so it's important that i keep it clean and chic but with a touch of coziness. I love white and black so furnished my room with those colors so that no matter how much of a bad day i've had when i get into my room i'm happy.

Take a shower with your favorite shower cream
I'm sure you'll all agree with me on this one. It is such a refreshing feeling to get home after a long day and take a shower with your favorite smelling shower cream. My personal favorite is the Shokubutsu Green Tea Harmony, it really leaves me rejuvenated and relaxed.

Prep for next day 
Whenever i plan for the day and list my tasks in order of priority i am more productive. I'm a very structured person and so this also helps me have a stress free day since i know exactly what i want to do and what must be done first. If i don't plan i might forget something important causing me to be under unnecessary pressure.

Reflect on what went well
Take a minute or two to think of what went well and be grateful for it. Even in the midst of a storm surely there must be 1 or 2 good things that will happen to you. That one person that asked if you were okay, you had food to eat etc. Be grateful for the basics. When you start being grateful, you might end up realizing your day was not as bad as you thought.

Say a Prayer
God is our ever present help in times of trial, as cliche as it may sound He hears our prayers and understands our struggles. Talk to Him, i literally have conversations with God alone, think of it as having an imaginary friend. Try it and overtime you might hear Him answer back.

One last thing, you are responsible for your emotions. Make it a point not to react to negativity but in all situations try as much as possible to remain calm and not allow the enemy to steal your joy!

Thank you for reading,
Love Nyasha Nicole.


  1. With the Malaysian heat added to the long day ,I sure need these tips!Thanks for an interesting read.

    1. You're welcome dear. And this past week the hear has just been crazy!

  2. Perfect read for a Monday. Always stressful.

    1. Im glad you think so dear.. have a blessed week ahead!