Thoughts on Skincare

Skin is like a sponge, absorbing the products we lather, spray or rub on daily. Though the cosmetic companies tell us their products are safe, we can't really know that. We can't really know the effect the products we are using today will have on us 10 years from now. Truth is it is hard to release ourselves from the marketing messages behind the conventional products with fancy bottles.

We do have a responsibility to ourselves to care about ourselves, to care about what we are really absorbing through these cosmetic products. I am trying to minimize the toxins i use on my skin and the only thing remaining is to change my make up collection from MAC to a more organic brand. In fact most days, as in the image above i don't wear foundation or powder but only apply some lipstain and mascara.

How do you make the switch?

Keep it Simple
Don't get caught up with many routines and products. Focus on three elements for your face regimen -cleanse, tone, moisturize- and some scrubs and masks weekly or fortnightly. Find 2 or 3 herbal based/ natural shower creams that work for you, for morning, evening and for scrubbing. 

Pay attention to Labels
Make sure natural is really natural! Avoid artificial fragrances and opt for paraben free products.

Do it Yourself
Instead of spending money on so many products why not mix up your own concoctions? Believe me it's so much fun! The initial step of getting ingredients will cost you but because you can use the ingredients to make so much stuff, it is ultimately cheaper.

Beauty comes from Within
Are you eating right? exercising ? Drinking Water!!! Your hair and skin are a reflection of your overall health (in my humble opinion) so if you are eating right, drinking water and exercising it should manifest on the outside.

What changes have i made?
I haven't applied lotion bought from the store on my body for 3 months, I substituted that with extra virgin olive oil & coconut oil. I don't smell of oil but i do have this special glow, my skin is soft and some scars are fading. Fancy shower cream bottles no longer attract me and i am content with my Korean brand green tea based shower cream. 

Whats coming next?
So i know you're going to pause and be like 'What? She has really gone crazy!' but i want to experiment with DIY deodorants. Most deodorants contain aluminium, propylene glycol and phthalates ingredients associated with affecting hormones, cancer etc. I actually have the ingredients ready but need to make time to get it done. 

Y'all got to start really thinking about what you are putting on your face and try stick to the most basic products.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and got some inspiration to make some changes to your skincare routine.

Love, Nyasha Nicole.

P.S. Excuse my unkempt eyebrows, the girl who does my threading has not been feeling well. I am supper excited that i don't have to wear foundation or powder but can just go about with my bare skin with a little extras like lipstain :) :) :) 


  1. Your skin is testifying!I am not a make up girl but I know that caking the face all year round is far from healthy. Thank you for the tips #roadtoflawlessskin

    1. Thanks dear & you are right. The stress of removing makeup after a long day combined with the negative effets of just clogging your pores etc should not be anyones portion. I appreciate your support❤

  2. Beautiful!!!!!! You do have gorgeous skin. It's very very important to keep it simple... This can help a a lot of us out here... I am sharing this. I just love you!
    P.S: never apologize for any unkempt anything.

    1. Thanks love! Minimal is the way to go when it comes to beauty routines. I'm glad it was helpful. And hahhaaha ok will take note of that moving forward.

  3. I love how informative this post is. Personally I have been trying to focus on a more concrete skin care regime. I've been using garnier products and its been going well. For my make up I have been sticking to Mac & Sleek products.

    1. Hi Shaz! If you're using Garnier & its working for you then you should stick wih it. Whats important is to be takig good care of our skin. For makeup i've been searching for less harsh brands and a friend told me about Tarte cosmetics, after researching i've realised its almost priced at par with MAC. So once my current stash is cleared i'll try it out.